What kind of time commitment will this require? 

Only your entire afterlife. 

What is the  end-goal here?

We want to recruit as many future-ghosts as possible so we can let bad politicians know exactly how many vindictive spirits they can look forward to being tormented by if they don't change. And in the meantime, we're organizing living people who enjoy spooky activism to plot fun tactics for haunting congress while we're still alive.

I've never been dead before. got Any rep-haunting suggestions for beginner ghosts?

  • Hold their toaster timer down just long enough to burn their toast every morning
  • Tie their shoelaces together when they're not looking
  • Move important emails into spam
  • Shut their alarms off 
  • Indiscriminately slam doors and cabinets when they're home alone
  • Unplug their wifi router
  • Allllll their exes gettin' textes
  • Whisper "I've been watching you" into their ear every time they sit down to take a dump

Do I really have to die before I can make a difference?

No need to wait 'til you're six feet under.

You know what's really spooky? Being a goddamned involved citizen. Here's how:

  • If you live in a blue district, find the red district closest to you and sign up to help ruin it with Swing Left.
  • Sign up with Town Hall Project to be notified when your representatives hold local events. Show up and ask questions that make them squirm.